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Things That You Must Do When In Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the land of canals in the Dutch empire, offers scenic views to mesmerize visitors. The capital of the Netherlands takes one back to the golden past with its buildings supporting traditional architecture. The serene lanes of the city take visitors on a ride unveiling wonders thriving in their corners. With cultural and historical strings of narrative intertwined, one can cherish the amusing bits in full bloom around the city. The shimmering waters flowing through the city provides one with the best way to explore its gems.

No matter which season marks visit, it always manages to win hearts and script an unforgettable stay for its guests. Jotting down some of the must-dos in the Amsterdam itinerary, here are some elements one can incorporate in one’s trip to win the best moments floating around.

1. Get Started At Jordaan

With a plethora of iconic spots and their offerings on the list, one can make a perfect start of the trip by paying a visit to the artistic corners of Jordaan. With cafes, art stores and art galleries making up its area, one can look forward to winning a vibrant blend of art and leisure. Standing on par with London’s Cockneys, it enjoys name and fame with its bounties in the tourism world. The architectural hues thriving in the area reflect on the intellectual shadows that once grabbed it.

A hub of gatherings, it manages to present the community life and talks doing rounds in its corners. Apart from that, one can also land here to win alluring deals in art stores and other stores. There is a lot for shoppers to grab while strolling down the road.

Not just that, delectable platters infuse their aroma around to satiate hungry souls. Fashion fanatics also find moments to jump with ecstasy with renowned brands making waves in the stores here.  Thus, one can see their elation rising to its pinnacle with the magical moments making their visit to the classical Jordaan.

2. Let Health Prevail With Herring

Amsterdam is the sight of herring carts rolling around, hawking for the traditional Dutch delicacy- herring. Though irking some tourists, it manages to win the preference all around. Resembling a raw fish, it tops the charts for its out of the world health benefits. It consists of a fish dressed in a small sandwich with onions and pickles making the toppings. The partially gutted fish throws the traditional hues of the place to visitors.

It tastes the best in the months between May and July with its sweetness reaching its peak. Pushing down the bad cholesterol to great levels, the dish works as a wonder for tourist. The vibrant carts make one grab its making to the full. One can watch the vendors cleaning and preparing the fish for them.

The local food goes a long way in treating tourists with its traditional texture and taste. Hence, one can win the cultural flavor punch with herring on one’s must-try menu for the Amsterdam trip.

3. Explore Museum Magic In Museumplein

Being the land of museums, Museumplein makes to the must-visit spots in Amsterdam. Stretching from Rijksmuseum to the Concertgebouw, it offers the art hues thriving around the city. With many museums sprawling, it wins heart with its bounties. Donning the title of “Museum District”, the square extends unique bits to the city. The 19th-century district of Oud-Zuid makes waves for visitors looking forward to a vibrant Amsterdam trip.

The breath-taking architecture thriving around provides a scintillating view of traditional and modern charms mingling together. Not just the indoor art treasures, one can also find the outdoor corners providing a platform to artists to showcase their artistic flair.

The area pumps out the elixir satiating the curiosity cravings of the visitors. Apart from cherishing history and art, one can also take a break and explore the beauty of the place. It supports iconic views to give way to a perfect Amsterdam picture.  A large paddling pool allures the wanderlusts around to steal a moment and cherish its beauty to the full. Apart from that, markets also work out their thing to weave a perfect shopping spree for visitors.

4. Cherish Brewery Dose At De Gooyer

De Gooyer in Oostelijke Eilanden is the perfect place to cherish history with heart-warming brewery bounties. Standing for centuries, it draws its origin to the 16th century. Going through the periods of destruction and reconstruction, it has managed to retain the rich history. With the wooden frame resting on stone walls, it goes a long way to unwind the bumpy ride.

However, one cannot venture into its premises as it is not open to the public. Adding to the magic of the place, one can see an award-winning artisan microbrewery doing its usual business. Serving the best in kind taste bits to the guests, it comes with an outdoor drinking terrace. It lets them cherish taste with history doing rounds.

The 30-minute guided tasting tour takes one through the magic of organic standard and seasonal ales. Thus, it offers the out of the world magic with dream moments rolling out for visitors. Cherish the best of the place with the brewery bounty adding to the visit. The grandeur of the De Gooyer Windmill stands high to give a warm welcome to Amsterdam lovers.

5. Breathe In Solace At Hembrugterrein

Located along the scenic shore of the North Sea Canal, Hembrugterrein has evolved over the years. Moving away from the shadow of a munitions factory, it has come up as a tourist spot.  With chains of restaurants and store lacing its corners, it offers an unforgettable experience to its guests. Apart from that, one can also find art and its elements enveloping the area.

Many museums and art galleries thrive to entice visitors with their cultural and historical salience. Helping in arraying one’s visit plan, it puts up its agendas and events regularly. Thus, visitors can look for the best time to pay a visit in line with their priorities and expectations.

Social fervor takes one by storm with brands and delectable platters serving guests with their best. One can take a break to enjoy one’s meal by the shimmering canal. Not just that, shoppers can win the best delight by checking out the shops and stores in the area. Het HEM greets with a plethora of exhibitions running around to cast a magical spell. The North Sea delights script an enduring experience with local art and culture.

6. Bask In Royal Warmth

Amsterdam houses the glitters of Dutch royalty. With amusing palaces, castles and royal corners on the list, it entices visitors with shimmering hues.  Weaving the fairytale bliss for visitors, it offers historical charm and bounties to souls looking for a fantastical twist to their Amsterdam trip. One can begin by checking out the majestic Royal Palace.

Being the official reception palace of King Willem-Alexander, it unwinds the official and historical grandeur of the country. Moving 15km southeast of the city, one can find the Disney-kind fantasy magic thriving around.  The 13th-century castle comes with the out of the world charm and magnificence.

Its five towers, moat and drawbridge add to its case for visitors. With lush-green surroundings making its background, the shimmering water body brings out its strategical location. Matching the demand of time, it supports much more than what one would expect in a castle. One can cherish one’s time in its gardens, water shield and theatre. Apart from them, one can also explore other royal gems thriving in Amsterdam’s neighborhood.  De Haar Castle puts up its magical pull to win hearts.

7. Witness Nazi Atrocities At Annie Frank House

Taking souls back to the thundering times when Nazis were ruling with their atrocities against Jews in full bloom, Annie Frank House remains full throughout the day. This is where Annie Frank took shelter with other families after fleeing prosecution in Germany during World War II. Cementing the heart-wrenching times, the house came up as a museum back in 1957.

Putting up the best traces of time for visitors, the front of the house act as a museum. One can find the scary tales hovering around to reflect on the trauma she went through with others. Her moments in the house while jotting down the obnoxious conditions stand immortal.

Offering the original bits to visitors, the back of the house thrives in its original shape. Thus, one can take a stroll around to grab the moments breathing there. Apart from that, one can also find research activities of the organization to put down the details. Anne Frank and her work thrive in it to weave a lasting visit for the guests.

8. Relish Art At EYE Filmmuseum

Thriving along the southern banks of the IJ, the EYE Filmmuseum gives a splendid experience to visitors in the best possible way. The iconic white building by Austrian architectural firm Delugan Meissl acts as the hub of film art and creativity in every way. Cinema lovers can find the gems lacing its premises gracefully.

Running on the theme of presenting, conserving, and promoting films and cinematography, it goes a long way in presenting cinematography in full bloom. The conservation-cum-exhibition center puts up the theatrical gems on display to woo the creative souls around the hall. One can go through its rich collections of 37,000 films, as well as photos, soundtracks, historical documents, and technical equipment, related to Dutch and international cinema.

In its basement, one can find a permanent exhibition with thought-provoking elements. Not just that, one can also venture into its gallery- Playground to grab a quality family time. It supports 4 cinemas, a specialized library, a panoramic cafe-restaurant, and a shop to make its golden case. Hence, it manages to win visits from souls belonging to different backgrounds around the world.

9. Satiate Your Cultural Buds At De Hallen

Thriving as a mix of culture, business and entertainment hubs, De Hallen presents the vibrant facet of the city to visitors. Located in Oud-West neighborhood, it comes with alluring chains of business houses running through the area. Not just that, it also comes riding on the entertainment bliss to entice visitors in the best possible manner.

Supporting that side, it comes with a cinema, independent stores and a boutique hotel. Apart from that, one can also check out the lavish menu at the iconic Food Hallen. Converting the old tram remise into its venue, the food giant has garnered praise and applause around the world. Not just its iconic venue but it also wins hearts for its delicacies.

Keeping the power of flavors at the center, it manages to serve its customers gracefully. Apart from food, one can also grab the local culture and hues in full bloom in the area. The fortnightly market of the area unwinds the charm of local goods for visitors.

10. Bloom With Tulips

Dutch and tulips complement each other in every sense. Thus, it is unfair to plan a trip to Dutch lands without a mention of tulip fields on the list. There are many ways for one to soak in the tulip bliss when they are in full bloom. One can grab the scintillating beauties on the much-celebrated National Tulip Day in the temporary garden at Dam Square.

Tulip festival in the city rolls out another chance for visitors to catch the gentle beings disseminating their beauty. One can see them doing rounds at Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Vondelpark, Rembrandtplein and EYE Filmmuseum.

Going a bit farther, one can also cherish their magic at Keukenhof- Garden of Europe from March to May. Apart from that, the Flower Strip or Bollenstreek makes waves with the colorful tulips putting up a grand show for visitors. Thriving in fields from Haarlem to Leiden, they entice guests with their vibrant hues. Their beauty against the scintillating backdrop goes a long way in winning hearts around the world.

Adding to that, the flower markets present visitors with bubbling tulip varieties. They carry out their business in a creative way to add stars to the beauty of tulips.

11. Cycle Down The Majestic Lanes

With the cycling culture running through its lanes, the Amsterdam trip seems to be incomplete without taking out some time for cycling around the city. More than 800000 bicycles dot the area to highlight the salience of cycling. The cycle tracks adorn the city to facilitate the risk-free cycling for avid cyclists.

One can take on the route to explore the vibrant corners in the area. For instance, one can paddle one’s way to Sloterplas to cherish the waters of the lake. Hence, explore the best facets of the city by taking an environment-friendly ride through the peaceful lanes. Whiz pasts the serene canals and cherish city wonders casting their reflection over their clean surface.

12. Grab Industrial Past At Westergas

Possessing the industrial past of the city, Westergas look forward to welcoming visitors with its cultural vibrancy. The 19th-century industrial buildings thriving in the area reflect on the industrial buzz that once enveloped the area. From the days when it housed the city’s gasworks, it has advanced to match up with the demands of time.

The year of 2003 unveiled its all-new look. It stepped up to stand as a cultural hub to win the heed of tourists. With independent shops, galleries, trendy restaurants and iconic venues on its board, it offers the best in kind experience to guests. Apart from that, it goes ahead to put up exhibitions, food markets, events and other cultural bits.

One can check out the Sunday market here on the first Sunday of every month to win the best deal.

13. Live Canal Charm In Canal Cruise

With canals glistening across the area, the UNESCO protected canal belt tops the charts of must-visit spots in Amsterdam. Breathing in the fantasy blues, one can book a cruise to cherish the iconic views in the best way. With the sun sinking, the bridges around illuminate the scene with lights. The magical fervor floats around to make an unforgettable trip for guests.

Various cruises stand ready to offer their services. From sightseeing plans to candle light dinner schedules, they go on to win hearts with their grace and hospitality.   The ‘dancing houses’ along the canal imbue them with wonder. Advancing on the cruise tour, one can come across many other magical bouts to last long throughout one’s trip.

Thus, one can explore Amsterdam in its vivacious form by getting on a cruise tour through its shimmering canals. Book one keeping in mind the priorities to win the best deal present around the docks in Amsterdam.

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