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Here’s All That You Need To Do and See For A Perfect Barcelona Trip

Barcelona has much more to offer than its fame ruling over the football stadium stands. One can plan a trip to its alluring corners to catch the best of kind bliss floating around. The gem of Spain bubbles with every bit that goes into the making of charming moments. The Barcelona visitors can cherish its cultural hues painting its every nook and corner with vibrant shades. Not just that, the explosion of flavors sends tremors around to reach the hearts of food lovers. Apart from that, the art sphere thrives in its best spirit to open up the way to wonders and grandeur.

Offering a helping hand in planning a splendid trip to the beautiful city, here is the list of some of the must-dos for wanderlusts.

1. A Promenade Through Las Ramblas

Stretching 1.2km between Port Vell at the Southern-most end and Plaça de Catalunya at the northern-most end, Las Ramblas brings the Spanish hues in the best way to reflect on the life in the city. Pedestrians hurtle down its beautiful lanes to cherish the iconic art narratives on the way. The outdoor markets and shops offer the greetings of the city.

Not just that, the area also allures artistic souls to take to its alleys with their scintillating performances and entice the visitors with their talent. The live performances adorn its shimmering corners to let one catch the mesmerizing moments. Adding to that, the wafer aroma envelope the area to evoke the taste buds of food lovers.

No doubt, the area is house to some notorious taints. But a Barcelona guest can explore the lanes glistening with statues and monuments on the way to cherish the heart of the city. The lush green trees give a warm welcome while one advances on the trail of exploration.

2. Fantastical Casa Batlló

Step into the world of fantasy with the magnificence of Casa Batlló. Donning number 43 Paseo de Gracia, the structure breathe in its rich history. It carries the privilege of being one of the creations of the renowned architecture- Emilio Sala Cortés in 1877. But it got its present-day sheen from the creativity of his student- Antoni Gaudi. The legendary artist went ahead to bestow it with a new look that continues to make waves around.

It stands in amusing hues to present its guests with the out of the world architectural wonders. One can find the fantastical bits adorning its corners around its premises. The power of imagination boosts it the architectural narrative to highlight its uniqueness.  For instance, one can find the mushroom-like fireplace on the noble floor.

Celebrating its grace, it has managed to secure a spot on the UNESCO heritage list. Varnishing its salience in the city, it throws up an amusing rise of modern art from the remnants of traditional one in the best possible way. Hence, visitors can take out some precious moments to explore and feel the alluring vibes emanating in the Castle.

3. Twirl On Beaches

Materializing one’s best time in the city, one can explore the beach bliss shining around. The beachfront sidewalks offer one a tour of the scintillating beach views around the city. Running through miles, they make it feasible for one to visit the thrilling seashores. One can give in to the trails and cherish the shimmering sands making their surroundings.

Sant Sebastia beach top the chart of beach icons of the city. One can go on breathing in the sea breeze for around 1 km with sand and blue waters making the background. It allures tourists and locals alike to evolve as a social hub. One can also look forward to living a glossy evening at the beach to seek the company of city people flocking to its sands.

Not just that, there are some reclaimed beaches in the city to flaunt their iconic transformation. Adding to that, many beaches present the best of the sea views with food counters powering up the delight of visitors.

4. Cheer Up At Camp Nou

One cannot imagine laying down a Barcelona visit without having football blinkers on the list. To cherish football fever in the best possible way, one can take down to Camp Nou. Football lovers (especially Messi fans) get a reason to jump with thrill as it is the home ground of FC Barcelona. Even if, one does not have a penchant for the team, there is a lot present around to entice them.

Thanks to the efforts of architects Francesc Mitjans Miró and Josep Soteras Mauri, with the collaboration of Lorenzo García Barbón, it carries a rich football legacy. With a capacity of 99,354, it cherishes the title of being the largest stadium in Europe. FC Barcelona club museum houses the imprints of time and transformation story of the stadium.

One can check out the dates available for grabbing a tour of the iconic stadium adding to the glory. The name and fame of the spot weave magical knots to win the heart of its guests.

5. Go Historical At Barcelona City History Museum

Barcelona preserves its golden past in the amusing corners of Barcelona City History Museum. Drift back with time to see the evolution and rise of the city to its present form. The Roman aura thrives in the area in the best possible way. Being an important part of ‘MUHBA museums of city history’ of the city, it opens up the enigma of the medieval times to rekindle the magic of history.

The courtyard of a gothic urban palace greets the curious minds looking forward to making the best of the visit.  After exploring the remains adorning the area, one can get on an elevator to make way to the Roman city of “Barcino”.

Opening an-all new world, the footbridges below navigate one through the intriguing bits bubbling around. One can walk along with the old Roman bath and some dye-works. Not just that, one can also go through a wine cellar and an ancient fish processing place. Adding to the thrilling medieval time adventure, it also introduces some royal chambers like “Sala Tinell” and “Santa Agatha”.

6. Artistic Vibes At Fundació Joan Miró

There are very few art platforms in the world where one can cherish art in its innate form. To the delight of art lovers, Fundació Joan Miró is one of the starring spots. It has attained its present form from the creative hands of Barcelona-born artist- Joan Miro. Joining hands with architect Josep Lluís Sert, he worked out the best facet of the building to give it its due fame.

Its design goes a long way to reflect on the thinking and perspective of its makers. Cherishing the benign presence of the shimmering art gems on its premises, it makes waves on the Barcelona itinerary of guests. One can find different dimensions of art world converging in its sphere. From paintings to statutes, everything glistens in the beauty of perfect depiction.

Not just that, one can also grab the educational projects and initiative ruling over its sphere. Adding to that, one can look for its library and archives to get the best on the board. Keeping track of exhibitions running around, one can choose the best day to materialize their visit to the art paradise of Barcelona.

7. Palau de la Música Catalana

Catalan identity comes in full bloom as one step into the iconic sphere of Palau de la Música Catalana. The hues of royalty cast a spell to mesmerize visitors in one go. Reflecting on the cultural heritage of the city, it comes with vibrant bits on the board. As the name suggests, it acts as a music house of the sphere. It strives to promote Catalan culture by bolstering choir signing. Not just that, it also soars ahead to make advances in that field by disseminating knowledge in the best possible way.

The credit for its amusing architecture goes to the renowned architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner. He worked out the beautiful building for the Orfeó Català.  The Barcelona choral society has come a long way to promote its values and cornerstones to give music a new dimension in the modern Catalan world.

Keeping its core purpose at the helm of its activities, it comes with plans celebrating the magic opera, symphony and folk music in the best possible manner. Thus, one can check out its calendar to catch the amusing events making up its vibrant schedules. A guided tour around its premises brings out the intriguing bits that stay away from the reach of naked eyes.

8. Satiate Your Taste buds

Barcelona is home to many out of the world delicacies that adorn the menu of restaurant giants around the world. Hence, it would make no sense to leave Barcelona without trying its food bounties. To serve the best of the Catalan flavors, many food stalls throw their gate open. Not just that, one can also make way to the lavish food counters to have their portion in alluring form.

There is a long list of flavor punches that one can try out in the city. One can begin with the classic seafood dishes like Esqueixada de bacallà, Fideuà, Arròs negre, etc. Well, if fish and prawns are not your favorite pick on the food platter, then you can also turn to munch in meat delicacies. Canelons, Faves a la Catalana, Botifarra amb mongetes, etc., are all there to satiate the longing for meat bouts in Catalan way.

Apart from the titled Catalan dishes, one can also halt around to try out the amazing Japanese-style noodle delights. Not just that, the Basque-style bar snacks also take on the counter to weave an enduring leisure time in the magic of the city. Pa amb tomàquet pops in as a perfect snack to gorge on in the Catalan land of delicacies.

9. Scale The Ladder Of Artistic Ambitions With Sagrada Família

Artistic ambitions know no bounds of feasibility and time. They go on to work their way in vibrant form to create their mark in the domain with their bits. The iconic example of this fact thrives in Barcelona in form of the much-celebrated Sagrada Família. Despite bubbling on a plethora of architectural styles including Catalan Modernism, Art Nouveau and Spanish Late-Gothic, it dons a unique identity and style.

The religious hub of the city draws its root to the times dating back to 1882. It has gone through a series of architectural takeovers to come up ridding on the hues of its uniqueness. Grabbing its best form, it became a subject of Antoni Gaudi’s architectural aims. He put in his best to bestow glory to its grandeur. However, he could not see the building taking up its final touches owing to his demise. The iconic bell tower could provide some solace to his departing soul.

Over the years, the breathtaking building has evolved with its grandeur. It is now seeing the final rounds of construction work taking on its premises. Offering tourists the scintillating bits of its long journey, it comes with a museum and other enriching events.

10. Cherish Finesse At Casa Milà

Casa Mila is another name for finesse in the Catalan city. Coming out of the wonder bags of the celebrated architect Antoni Gaudi, it possesses every reason to be in the top echelons of the trip of Barcelona guests.  The building pop on the architectural counter as a home to Roser Segimon and Pere Milà in 1912.

Keeping in mind the interest of the family, it came up with nine sections- basement, ground floor, mezzanine, main floor, four upper floors, and attic. One could find the ground floor acting as a garage. The mezzanine was for entry, the main floor supported the Milàs, and the upper floors were for rent. Adding to that, it comes with two inner courtyards. Not just that, it also comes with the famous sculpture terrace.

With 70 parabolic brick arches of varying height, it comes up with a rib-like structure. One can have a vibrant photo-session on its premises to seal some golden moments in the structure. Owing to its out of the world architectural style, it has made it to the prestigious UNESCO list.

11. Shop at La Boqueria

If the shopper inside you refuses to take a backseat, then you can unwind yourself to an enriching shopping spree at La Boqueria. With iron and glass roof enclosing the hustle-bustle, one can see the best of the crowd in the city buying fresh fruits, vegetables, meat etc. Shopping lovers can get the best in the world fruits, flowers and vegetables lining on the counter.

Not just that, they can absorb the aura of the place in the best possible way by exploring the Boqueria Classroom. Thriving on the third floor of the building, it offers a variety of courses, workshops and events about cooking and gastronomy.

Owing to its legacy, it claims to be the best market in the world with all its bounties. It comes with all the amenities on the board to the delight of its guests. Not just that, one can cherish a delightful break at one of its bars with a relieving shot on the counter. Fish lovers can find their favorites doing rounds in the oval in the centre. Hence, there is enough to satiate the shopping longing of guests.

12. Groove at Montjuïc

Montjuïc celebrates the elegance of the city in the best possible way with its marvelous facets. Meaning ‘Jewish Mountain’, it reflects on the era when it was home to the Jewish community. Not just its breathtaking beauty but its past also has much to offer to the knowledge of guests.

The castle came as a fortification plan originally. However, time took its worst turn to make it act as a political prison and execution site. Thus, its walls carry the brunt of time, sending a chill down the spine of visitors. The cultural treasure greets souls with the vibrant bits. Coming with the National Catalan Museum of Art, the Font Magica and waterworks, it entices them to a great extent. Not just that, a mock Spanish-style village thrives in the vicinity to shed light on the cultural bounties of the place.

Take to the site when the day sets in to cherish the waterworks and shows. The musical notes imbue the place with bliss. They nudge one to follow them to celebrate the moments in the best possible way. One can also keep oneself with the events and shows setting up the vibrant mood in the scintillating beauty of the place. Its bits present their best version to throw up some of the best Instagram pictures.

The wooded hill in the Southwest of Barcelona, thus, leaves no stone unturned to script an unforgettable visit to its corners.

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