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The Check-In Delights In Barcelona

Barcelona cherishes likes and preferences of avid travelers around the world for its cultural vibes. Not just that, its prominent location in the country also offers some breathtaking scenic views and spots. Thus, a Barcelona trip serves souls with eternal satiation with its bounties. However, one cannot look forward to living the dream visit to the full without checking into one of its hotel icons. To the delight of tourists, Barcelona is house to some iconic hotel establishments that entice them with the best amenities and experience that one can get in the city.

Bringing in the hotel stars, here is the list of hotels that rule the sphere of tourism in the city by offering their best in class services.

1. Hotel W Barcelona

Walk in style in the luxurious 5-star hotel carrying the title- Hotel W Barcelona. Cherishing its Barceloneta Boardwalk location beside the beach, its ‘sail-shaped’ building shimmers the brightest to allure souls looking for putting an unforgettable stay in the city. Its draws its aura from the breathtaking design by the much-celebrated architect- Ricardo Bofill.

Not just its appearance but its rooms also open the lavish affair for its guests. Supporting 473 heart-winning rooms and suites on its premises, it gets every bliss on the board for their delight. It strives to serve its best by keeping luxury and comfort on the same line. Minding that, it comes with a long list of rooms and suites. One can check out the E Wow Suite to get the best hang of luxury.

The living spaces greet guests by providing the mesmerizing view of the Mediterranean Sea shimmering around. To get the best view, one can get to the 26th floor that houses its ECLIPSE rooftop bar. One can cherish scenic views with one’s favorite shot. Apart from that, one can also make way to the FIRE & the W LOUNGE to get the best relieving drinks.

The food corners throw up the best bouts of flavors with the best in kind restaurants on its premises. One can also win the delicacies by the Michelin-star chef- Carlos Abellán. Furthering one’s stay delight, one can explore the hustle and bustle of the neighborhood. Adding to that, one can also take a refreshing dip in its pool and head to its Spa.

2. Hotel Diagonal Mar Barcelona

Hotel Diagonal Mar Barcelona grabs the top-notch spot in the list with its presence in the business district of the city. Falling in the vicinity of Convention Center CCB and Diagonal Mar shopping mall, it wins the preferences of travelers. Like many of its counterparts, it also stands next to the iconic beach views. The Nova Mar Bella beach illuminates its surroundings in the best possible manner.

Apart from its iconic location, one can also choose its glory for its luxurious rooms. Offering a vibrant platter to its guests, it comes up with the best in class rooms. They vary from the King Guest room to the Twin Guest room category. Thus, they offer the accommodation bliss in line with the preference of guests. Not just that, one can also win a similar trend in suites category. Adding to that, one can also check out the Executive collection to get the best accommodation present around.

The culinary corners come up in vibrant shape to satiate cravings bubbling around. To win the best deal, one can taste the delectable platter at Aurt Restaurant, Ma’i Snacks and Drinks, Purobeach Restaurant and The Breakfast Restaurant. Apart from that, it bolsters the professional commitments with the present of 24 meeting rooms on its premises.         

3. El Palace

Royal past of Barcelona continues to breathe on the shimmering walls of the iconic hotel- El Palace. The historical gem grabbed the grounds in the city in 1919 as former Ritz of Barcelona. The establishment has stood through decades immortalizing the important moments in the history of the rise of Barcelona. Thriving in the heart of Barcelona, it comes riding on the amusing bits to give a warm welcome to Barcelona visitors.

Amidst its bubbling historical grace, one can manage to catch the bits of comfort and warm hospitality. The subtle ambience of rooms and suites makes one feel the homely bliss blooming on its premises. Coming with 120 rooms and suites making its case, it throws up every reason for visitors to fall in love with its interiors. To keep pace with the changing preferences and needs of the time, it comes with a variety in that sphere.

No matter whether you are stipulating a solo trip or a family trip, you can seal the best in kind comfort by picking the best from a wide range of accommodations falling in your budgets. Enjoy the vibrant flowers pumping freshness into the scintillating view of the city at its Rooftop Garden. Dive into its pool to win the rejuvenating moments rooting for Catalan bliss. Mayan Luxury Spa is the name when one is all exhausted and need a recharge.

Settling down the hunger signals, it comes riding with many renowned food joints. One can land on its 7th floor to relish its Alpine gourmet lunch. Not just that, one can also make for a meal with the scenic beauty of the city making the background. For that, one can get a booking at its rooftop garden. Chef Daniel Padró adds to the remarkable food experience by coming up with some delectable platters.

4. Cotton House Hotel

The past salience of the Association of Cotton Manufacturers converges in the corners of Cotton House Hotel. The five-star hotel dwells on the grandeur of the 19th-century building. Located at the centre, it opens up the treasure of the cotton textile era.  The vibrant shades lace the building gracefully to reflect on its salience in the best possible manner.

The magic does not limit itself to the walls. It advances to imbue its rooms with unique vibes. With 83 rooms forming its core, it rides on the comforting bits poising with luxury. To the delight of guests, five out of the count come in form of marvelous suites. One can find cotton hues threading the living spaces together. To meet the demands of guests, it offers a vibrant platter of rooms and suites.

Cherish the cosmopolitan bliss by making a reservation at Batuar. The bar and restaurant exhilarates souls with the out of the world combination of food and drinks on the counter. One can gorge on the delectable platter carrying flavor storms and satiation. One can also look for room service to win their favorite meal with comfort doing rounds.

Adding to that, one can keep oneself up with events and shows to make the best of their stay at the hotel.

5. Hotel Majestic and Spa


Rejuvenation forms the core of one’s stay at Hotel Majestic and Spa. It looks forward to bestowing a new lining to the five-star hotel scenario in the city. It weaves comfort with luxury in the best possible manner to entice tourists. Since its inception in 1918, it has come a long way to cement its place on the accommodation list.

Making its case in the sphere, it thrives on the much-celebrated Paseo de Gracia. Thus, for art lovers there can be no better place to stay put than it. Antoni Gaudi’s gems work out the magic of vision to script an unforgettable stay in the area. To provide the best to its guests, it comes with 271 rooms that follow the design lines of the renowned designer- Antonio Obrador. Offering the best in kind experience on its premises, it supports ‘rooms’, ‘adapted rooms’, ‘majestic suites’, ‘penthouses’ and ‘apartments’ on its board.

Not just the living spaces but one can also win the best delight in the culinary corners. Restaurant Solc weaves the best eating experience for guests with the bounties of Mediterranean cuisine. Not just that, one can also head to relish the best Buffet Breakfast and The Majestic Brunch at the hotel. Adding the booze fervor, it has also got El Bar Del Majestic and Bar Rooftop ‘La Dolce Vitae’ on the deck.

As the name suggests, it stirs the refreshing whirls at its Spa corner. One can check out the health and well-being section in the domain to brace up for a healthy stay. Adding to that, one can also venture into the hydrotherapy section to de-stress one’s mind and body.  Not just that, massages and treatments also feature around to offer the out of the world bliss to guests. The fitness freaks can carry on with their fitness goals at the gym.

6. ABaC Restaurant Hotel

If food is your priority during your stay in Barcelona, then you can head to the much-celebrated ABaC Restaurant Hotel. It dons the vibrant bits of comfort and luxury to win hearts in the best possible manner. With nature thriving on its premises, one can look forward to spending one’s time with green hues wafting around. The blossoming garden adds to the beauty of the decent hotel.

Not just that, one can also accord one’s preference to it for its spacious rooms. One can win the best deal in line with one’s preference by choosing among standard, superior, deluxe, suite and penthouse. Each one of 15 rooms has a unique identity to match up with the expectations of guests.

Reflecting on its culinary power, its restaurant dons the privilege of being a three Michelin star establishment. Making its case in the domain, Chef Jordi Cruz scripts its glory with his cooking flair. It adds to the dinning delight by letting guests enjoy their meal with the green vibes imbuing its sphere. Not just that, it also serves guests the best of the kind of traditional food textures on the delectable platters.

No doubt, a spa does not get a mention in its name. But it does thrive around to relieve guests with its best in class services. The ABaC Spa entices souls with the vibrant combination of technology and traditional wellness hues ruling in the section.  One can make bookings for various therapies and treatments to enjoy one’s stay at the hotel in the best possible manner.

One can also plan for gatherings with the presence of Petit Salon. It could accommodate around 20 people to put up the best events and auspicious moments. ABaC Lounge lets one win solace in its serene corners.

7. Sofia

Are you looking for a stay in the tranquil pockets of the city? Then, you can get your reservation at the five-star hotel- Sofia. Thriving away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, it offers the best in kind experience to its guests. It bolsters up its case in the domain with its warm hospitality and comfortable spaces.

Shedding the bounds of design and space, it comes with rooms that offer out of the world comfort and lovely moments. The spectacular scenes of the surroundings peep in through windows to thrill guests. One can check out its vibrant platter of rooms consisting of ‘harmony’, ‘sphere’, ‘infinity’ and ‘so sweet’. The ‘wish’ collection takes the narrative to a high level to meet the expectations of guests.

Apart from that, one can also focus on planning one’s hours by the shimmering pool. A tropical urban garden adds stars to its narrative. Not just that, it also offers vibrant moments with all comforting bits on the deck. The wellness bliss floats on the scene with Sofia Oasis running on its premises. The Spa offers the relieving massages with the Mediterranean vibes imbuing the sphere. One can relax and shed one’s stressing moments of life and soak in the magic of the place.

Not just that, the fitness freaks can also fulfil their commitments with the technological bounties in the section.  If the creative souls refuse to budge, then one can make way to its events and shows. One can keep up with the schedules to win one’s presence at the scintillating events. Its hall with a capacity of more than 1000 people steps up back and again to facilitate the thrilling bits.

8. Hotel Miramar Barcelona GL

Hotel Miramar Barcelona GL is a five-star hotel that basks in the glory of a reclaimed palace in the Montjuïc sphere. With its premises on the top of a mountain, it looks over the Las Ramblas area. Absorbing the grandeur of the neighborhood gems, it presents guests with the essence of the area. Supporting contemporary design and 1920 times, it looks stunning with the green vibes around.

Its 75 rooms bubble with vibrant bits to make one lose to ecstasy. They take the narrative to next level by providing guests with breathtaking views through their windows. One can make the best by picking one’s accommodation from ‘Deluxe Room’, ‘Premium Room with Terrace’, ‘Suite Miramar with Terrace’ and ‘Gran Suite Mediterranean with Terrace’ options.

Not just that, it also performs well to win on the culinary counts. One can find Studio Miramar stir the gastronomical bliss and weaves it with the scintillating views of the surroundings. Apart from that, one can make way to cherish one’s meal with shimmering blue waters on its terrace. Adding to that, the Pool Bar bestow one with the reverie bliss by the pool with the best in kind drinks. Not just that, one can also check out the Lobby Bar to materialize formal and informal moments with favorite drinks on the counter.

Like its five-star rivals, it also carries the wellness factor with the presence of a spa and a gym on its premises. Apart from that, one can also grab the iconic shows and events at the hotel by keeping track of schedules.

9.Grand Hotel Central

Grand Hotel Central gets the best converging on its premises with its prominent location. It thrives on the edge of the Gothic Quarter at the centre of Vía Laietana. It gives the best perspective of city life without letting its noise intrude in its tranquil sphere. Celebrating variety in the best manner, it supports the presence of 147 rooms on its premises. One can choose one’s favorite from ‘standard’, ‘executive’, ‘superior’, ‘deluxe’, ‘junior suite’, ‘suite’ and ‘grand suite’.

Apart from that, one can also take on the vibrant food trail. Its restaurant looks forward to presenting the Mediterranean flavors in the best way to entice guests. The thrilling menu throws up enough to satiate the cravings bubbling around the sphere. Not just that, one can match one’s meal with a vibrant drink in the bar section.

Adding to that, the art lovers can win their best moments at its art gallery. They can go through the exhibitions and shows to make the best of their stay at the hotel. The Unico Spa allures souls to shed their besets in its magical ambience.

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